18 Dec 2016

Christmas Newsletter 2016

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to you all for your support in 2016. It’s been another great year in which we’ve continued to grow and provide more and more clients with a first rate service and great value for money. We’ve resolved hundreds of cases ranging from locating one missing legatee to large, sprawling intestacies to complex old Trust matters revived by the death of a Life Tenant etc. We’ve found over 2,000 beneficiaries, all of whom received their full entitlement because we do not take a percentage of their share.

For those who haven’t used us yet, I hope that in 2017 we get the chance to show you what we can do. Nothing fazes us and whatever the problem the chances are we’ll have seen it and resolved it before.

For this issue we’re delighted to have another contribution from Gill Steel of LawSkills, a must-read for all practitioners looking to stay up to date. I’ve prepared a spotlight on costs, in which I discuss the finer points of comparing genealogists’ quotes. Plus we have a few case studies which are a great way of demonstrating that the problem case you’ve been worrying about for weeks can probably be resolved swiftly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Matthew Moore
Research Director

Recent developments in the administration of estates – An article by Gill Steel of LawSkills.

We all know that anything and everything relating to tax rules presents a ‘moving target’, that new legislation and procedures are implemented on a regular basis, year in year out. This article highlights a couple of the recent developments relating to the administration of estates.
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Apples and Oranges – a guide to comparing quotes from rival genealogy firms

If you ever find yourself with a problem requiring a genealogist, you’d be quite right to seek two or more quotes. How do you choose between them?
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Case Studies

Genealogy on a grand scale
Very occasionally we’re asked to work on a case which becomes something of an epic. Our biggest project this year started with a Scottish Will in which the Deceased left her substantial estate to her “heirs”. Having died without any children, siblings or uncles and aunts we had to direct our research to her grandparents and their siblings. It quickly emerged that all four grandparents were from large families and, as a result, her family tree was more of a forest. Not only were the branches extensive, they were also intrepid. By the conclusion of our research, we’d located over 130 heirs to the estate, some of whom were living in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States.
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