Moore Probate Research Code of Conduct

At Moore Probate Research we want to provide the best possible service for our clients. In line with this we have written a code of conduct to outline how we provide first-rate work at extremely competitive rates, from enquiry to report.

Before we start:

  • All enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently
  • We are happy to offer our clients free advice and to share our many years of experience
  • We do not charge for assessments
  • Our Assessment Reports and quotations are given without obligation
  • Our assessments are realistic and reflect our honest opinions of the likely costs and timescales

During the case:

  • We do not work on a contingency basis
  • All our work is charged at an extremely competitive hourly rate
  • All work is carried out by highly experienced professional genealogists
  • We provide regular updates to our clients throughout the course of research
  • We will never exceed an agreed budget without our client’s say-so
  • We respond promptly to any in-case enquiries from clients or beneficiaries
  • We treat potential beneficiaries with courtesy and consideration at all times
  • We have no financial arrangements with any insurers so are able to source the most cost-effective policy if insurance is necessary

At the conclusion of research:

  • We provide a detailed report and computerised family tree
  • All reports are fully supported by the appropriate documentation
  • All completed intestacy cases come with a distribution schedule as standard
  • If we come in under our agreed budget we will reflect this in our invoice
  • Our invoices contain a full breakdown of time spent and disbursements incurred