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When a person dies they either die having left a valid will (testate) or having left no valid will (intestate). In some cases they may have left a valid will which has partly or completely failed, in which case a partial intestacy arises. Moore Probate Research are employed by the legal sector to locate missing beneficiaries to both intestate and testate estates.

Intestate estates

When a person dies without leaving a will the law dictates who benefits from their estate.

Testate estates

Even where a deceased person has left a valid will it may still be necessary to instruct a probate genealogist.

Legal duty for personal representatives

It is the legal duty of the administrator or executor to ensure that all entitled persons receive their rightful share.

Missing beneficiary indemnity insurance

In certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain a missing beneficiary indemnity insurance policy to protect the administrator or executor against future claims.