We offer a flexible approach to pricing, tailored to the facts of each case and to your client’s requirements. We ensure that our costs remain extremely competitive whilst still offering research and client service of the highest quality. We understand that your clients are more cost conscious than ever, so before you instruct anyone else, get a quote from us.

Hourly rate

Appropriate when the remit of the research cannot be clearly gauged at the outset. Our fee is calculated on a time and expenses basis up to a pre-agreed working budget. In the event that the work is completed within this figure, you only pay for the time spent.

Fixed fee

Appropriate when the remit of the research can be clearly gauged at the outset. A fixed fee is agreed and we report back to you at the conclusion of the investigation, having updated you throughout. In the unlikely event that a successful outcome is not achieved, no fee is payable.

Capped fees

Appropriate for missing UK legatee cases. A fee cap is agreed so you know from the outset the maximum fee you will have to pay. The best of both worlds because should we come in under budget, you pay only for the work done. We have a fantastic success rate and this gives us the confidence to state that no fee will be payable if we cannot find your missing UK legatee.


A fair alternative to contingency when there are no known heirs. We take on all the risk and fund the research to find you a client. Our fee is only payable if we find you a client and you take instructions.

Pricing Information

You can find indicative fees for our services below, together with details relating to the service we provide.