Pricing Information

You can find indicative fees for our services below, together with details relating to the service we provide.

Locating missing heirs

Research to identify and locate heirs entitled on intestacy

Time and expenses – £110 per hour

  • A budget is agreed at the outset.
  • We report back to our client on the conclusion or maximum progress made within the agreed budget.
  • Unless otherwise stated we always aim to quote to complete the investigation in one stage.
  • Time savings are reflected in our invoice.
  • Factors affecting cost include the size of the family, the surnames involved, emigration, family estrangement etc.
  • Immediate family (spouse, issue, parent, siblings and their issue) – expect range between 3 and 15 hours.
  • Uncles and aunts and their issue – expect range between 15 and 50 hours.

Locating missing Legatees

Dependent on the facts of the case but typically £220, exclusive of VAT and disbursements.

Locating kin for a Statutory Will Application

Time and expenses – £145 per hour

  • Price and service details as with Intestacy (above)


Research undertaken at our risk to locate a person entitled on intestacy to instruct referring client.

Notional fee – £200 per hour

  • Typically takes between three and six hours to find a suitable Administrator. We only raise an invoice if:
    • 1) We locate an entitled person, willing to act as Administrator;
    • 2) That person instructs our referring client to act;
    • 3) That person agrees that our fee should be met.

At the end of Rainmaker stage, if appropriate, we propose a second stage budget at standard rate of £90 per hour to locate all the remaining heirs.

Document Search

Obtaining one or more specific documents:

Will / Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration
£20 exclusive of VAT and disbursement if an entry is identified – no fee if no entry is identified.

Decree Absolute Search
£40 exclusive of VAT and disbursement

Birth, marriage, death certificate
£20 to £50 (depending on circumstances) exclusive of VAT and disbursement

Disbursements – recharged at cost

  • Will and Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration – £1.50
  • Standard birth, marriage, death certificate – £11
  • Priority birth, marriage, death certificate – £35
  • PDF birth, death certificate (births available up to 100 years ago, deaths up to 1957) – £7
  • Decree Absolute (standard 10-year search) – £65

Overseas Bankruptcy Search

Jurisdictions covered – Australia, Canada and New Zealand
£20 plus VAT and the search fee recharged at cost

Search fees:

  • Australia – AUD$15
  • Canada – CAD$8
  • New Zealand – no fee