27 Feb 2018

Client service – one of the reasons I come to work…

Senior Case Manager Claire Langford explains the MPR approach to client service.

When our clients ask us to deal with tricky missing beneficiary problems, it’s very important to me that they know they’re in good hands. I know they’ll often have a lay PR client in the background, possibly anxious about their responsibility and, perhaps, other beneficiaries waiting for their distribution. Maybe there’s a charitable residuary beneficiary looking for a swift outcome at a great price and possibly our client would like a case finished by a particular time.

Great service – first, last and always

In any event, my approach is to provide great client service first, last and always. To different clients this means different things. Progress reports is a good example. At MPR, we update clients as often as they like – depending on the case that might be monthly or fortnightly. Perhaps in a time-critical case my client might want to hear from me weekly or even daily. If that’s what they need – or want – it’s what I’ll do.

Mi casa su casa

It seems to me that clients entrust more to us than simply the cases we solve for them. While we’re working together, they effectively transfer custodianship of their reputation to us. It’s a real pleasure to shine for them, and for their lay client in turn.

Putting things right

Sometimes clients ask us to deal with cases where mistakes have been made and part of my role is to fix them and guide them through the process.

Not just clients…

We deal routinely with dozens of calls and emails from the beneficiaries we’ve found – it’s not unusual for us to be breaking the news of the deceased’s passing to them and of course we extend to them the sensitivity, courtesy and respect they expect and deserve.