2 Oct 2015

It’s not just genealogy, it’s what you do with it…

At Moore Probate Research we know that genealogy for its own sake is the stuff of hobbyists. We are in the business of helping our clients close their problem files and we use genealogy – and our associated knowledge and experience – to help them do so.

We’re regularly asked to look at files which have been worked on but not solved by other firms of probate genealogists.

A recent intestacy case we solved – an estate worth £3,000 – had been causing headaches to our client for several years. After an initial stage of research by a competitor, it was known that the Deceased – a spinster without issue or siblings – had a great many uncles and aunts and significant work would be required to find all the heirs. A quote of £3,000, with no guaranteed end in sight, was proposed.

We noticed the only heirs for whom our client had contact details were on one sub-line of the family. Furthermore, these heirs had no knowledge of the rest of the family.

We approached a specialist insurer who agreed – because the estate was so small – to insure against the family as a whole as long as the known sub-line was finalised. We did the work and secured the quote for just £400. The known family received a small legacy and more importantly our client was finally able to close their file.

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Efficient. Strategic. Flexible – why instruct anyone else? 

Our clients keep coming back to us because….

  • Our assessments are honest and clear and detail the number of hours we expect a project to take
  • We are approachable and happy to provide advice without charge
  • Our results are excellent and we update our clients regularly along the way
  • Our fees are extremely competitive
  • All finalised intestacy cases come with a Distribution Schedule as standard
  • When we come in under budget we only charge for the time spent
  • Our invoices contain a detailed breakdown of the time spent and the costs incurred