Frequently asked questions

Why have I been contacted?

It is necessary for us to contact a person in order to confirm their identity and that they are indeed entitled to benefit from the estate on which we have been instructed.

Often a large number of people are entitled to benefit from a single estate, all of whom are related to each other. In these circumstances we seek to obtain as much family information as possible from the people we find, in order to minimise the research required and to keep costs to a minimum. This is why we may need to ask you detailed questions about you and your family. The less time spent on research into locating the other heirs, the greater your share.

Sometimes it is necessary to contact a person who is not the beneficiary but who we think is likely to be able to assist us in our research.

We do not pass confidential details to anyone other than the deceased’s legally appointed personal representatives and we only trace people who stand to benefit. We do not trace debtors.