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Locating missing heirs

We are experts in locating missing beneficiaries. We can help whether you are looking for one missing legatee or need to locate all the heirs on a complicated intestacy.

We have 15 years’ experience of locating missing beneficiaries in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Where the deceased has died testate there may be one or more legatees whose whereabouts have become unknown during the period since the will was written. We can assist you in locating these people, or those persons entitled to benefit should the intended legatee have died.

In most cases, we are able to cap our fee for tracing missing UK legatees.

Where there is no will, we can identify and locate the heirs entitled on intestacy. This ranges from tracing a single missing heir to identifying all the heirs on a complicated intestacy and all eventualities in between.

We are able to identify the heirs should an intestacy arise through the partial failure of a will or trust.

We can also assist in locating people for other reasons. For example, we will search for missing executors, trustees, freeholders etc.