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We can obtain birth, marriage and death certificates, adoption certificates, Wills, Grants of Probate and Decrees Absolute and carry out Australian bankruptcy searches.

It is important that all relevant certificates of birth, marriage and death are obtained to help ensure that an estate is correctly distributed and to confirm the identity of the legatees or next of kin.

Furthermore, in order to transfer the unused nil rate band portion of a predeceased spouse you may be lacking one or more of the following documents: marriage certificate; death certificate; grant of probate.

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Pricing information for Document Search

Obtaining one or more specific documents:

Will / Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration
£20 exclusive of VAT and disbursement if an entry is identified– no fee if no entry is identified.

Decree Absolute Search
£40 exclusive of VAT and disbursement

Birth, marriage, death certificate
£25 to £50 (depending on circumstances) exclusive of VAT and disbursement

Disbursements – recharged at cost

  • Will and Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration – £1.50
  • Standard birth, marriage, death certificate – £11
  • Priority birth, marriage, death certificate – £35
  • PDF birth, death certificate (births available up to 100 years ago, deaths up to 1957) – £7
  • Decree Absolute (standard 10-year search) – £65