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Locating kin for a statutory will application

As well as locating missing beneficiaries we can identify and locate missing family members as required by the Court of Protection when making an application for a statutory will.

We understand that people traced in these cases may well be adversely affected by the terms of a statutory will and as such are unlikely to be beneficiaries. We tailor our approach accordingly. Our fees are extremely competitive and the work that we do in these matters does not therefore substantially deplete the person’s finances.

Pricing information for locating kin for Statutory Will application

Time and expenses: £145 per hour

  • A budget is agreed at the outset.
  • We report back to our client on the conclusion or maximum progress made within the agreed budget.
  • Unless otherwise stated we always aim to quote to complete the investigation in one stage.
  • Time savings are reflected in our invoice.
  • Factors affecting cost include the size of the family, the surnames involved, emigration, family estrangement etc.
  • Immediate family (spouse, issue, parent, siblings and their issue) – expect range between 3 and 15 hours.
  • Uncles and aunts and their issue – expect range between 15 and 50 hours.