Our Services


Have you been presented with an estate to which there are no known heirs? Would you like to retain control of the estate and the commercial opportunity it represents? We can find you a client at our own expense and our own risk.

From time to time you may become involved in an estate through contact with a non-entitled person such as a neighbour of the deceased or an in-law. In this situation you do not have a client and you are unable to issue instructions with a view to locating the heirs.

We will find you a client and enable you to retain control of the administration of the estate without any risk to your firm whatsoever.

We will undertake a stage of research aimed at locating a person entitled to benefit from the estate and willing to instruct you in the administration. In the event that such a person is located, we will refer them to you.

Our fee for the work done is calculated on a time and expenses basis and is payable only if we: a) find an entitled person; b) that person instructs you to act in the estate; and c) that person agrees to pay our fee.

In many cases, once you have secured instruction, it will be necessary to undertake further research to identify and locate the remaining heirs. Based upon the information established in stage one, our report will provide our detailed assessment of the further work required and a proposed working budget to continue.

We will not pressure you to accept an invoice before you have access to funds. We will not pressure you to instruct us on a second stage until you are able and ready to do so.